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The following is a complete list of FitXR classes as of July 20, 2024. (Note: The list of classes shown on the official FitXR page shows only 77 of the current 125+ classes, has numerous errors, and is not sortable as of May 24, 2021.) If there is interest, I will be adding login, advanced filtering, class rating, score tracking, and other features. FitXR, if you are hiring, I'm available for interface design, testing, social media management, consultation, and any other things you may need. A lot of the recent challenges would have been avoided if I was on your team.

Click on table headers to sort. Sorting by ADDED will sort in the order the songs appear in the FitXR app, although the Challenge of the Day will always be out of place as it will appear near the beginning in the app.

There are currently 181 classes available in the subscription version, 140 boxing classes, 28 dance classes, and 13 HIIT classes.

The Challenge of the Day for July 20, 2024 is Depending On You. Class details can be found in the list below.

Force MajeureBoxing29 minAdvancedMixedDillon SpicerJune 23, 2021
Own ItDance17 minIntermediatePopGarret CaillouetJune 23, 2021
Good LookBoxing31 minIntermediateRockDillon SpicerJune 22, 2021
In DemandHIIT10 minIntermediateMixedMary OnyangoJune 21, 2021
Take CoverBoxing22 minIntermediateMixedCaroline BraggJune 20, 2021
Untouchable YouBoxing21 minBeginnerRockDillon SpicerJune 19, 2021
SparkHIIT9 minBeginnerMixedIanthe MellorsJune 18, 2021
HigherDance14 minIntermediateMixedFrida PerssonJune 17, 2021
Running This WorldBoxing15 minAdvancedRockIanthe MellorsJune 16, 2021
I See YouHIIT6 minBeginnerRockIanthe MellorsJune 15, 2021
Get It StartedBoxing15 minAdvancedMixedIanthe MellorsJune 14, 2021
Set Me FreeHIIT16 minIntermediateMixedMary OnyangoJune 13, 2021
Not This TimeBoxing21 minAdvancedMixedIanthe MellorsJune 12, 2021
CapturedDance13 minIntermediateMixedSarah BurkeJune 11, 2021
Shut It DownBoxing16 minIntermediateElectronicMary OnyangoJune 10, 2021
Don't Wanna WaitHIIT13 minIntermediateMixedIanthe MellorsJune 09, 2021
Good To YouBoxing20 minIntermediateElectronicAngel AuletJune 08, 2021
Go ModeBoxing16 minBeginnerHip HopMary OnyangoJune 07, 2021
I'm AliveBoxing15 minBeginnerMixedMary OnyangoJune 06, 2021
AftertouchBoxing30 minAdvancedElectronicDillon SpicerJune 05, 2021
Hands TogetherHIIT13 minIntermediateMixedMary OnyangoJune 04, 2021
To The LimitBoxing16 minIntermediateHip HopDillon SpicerJune 03, 2021
Better On The WeekendDance16 minIntermediateMixedGarret CaillouetJune 02, 2021
This Beat IsHIIT9 minBeginnerMixedMary OnyangoJune 01, 2021
Making MovesBoxing21 minAdvancedRockIanthe MellorsMay 31, 2021
BasicsBoxing15 minBeginnerMixedDillon SpicerMay 30, 2021
Doin' MeDance15 minIntermediateMixedSarah BurkeMay 29, 2021
Getting ItBoxing19 minAdvancedElectronicIanthe MellorsMay 28, 2021
Dead of NightHIIT16 minBeginnerElectronicIanthe MellorsMay 27, 2021
IgnitionHIIT13 minIntermediateElectronicIanthe MellorsMay 26, 2021
Came To WorkHIIT10 minIntermediateElectronicIanthe MellorsMay 25, 2021
Speed of LightHIIT6 minBeginnerElectronicIanthe MellorsMay 25, 2021
RoarHIIT7 minBeginnerElectronicIanthe MellorsMay 25, 2021
Rebel SoulHIIT6 minIntermediateElectronicIanthe MellorsMay 25, 2021
Wide EyesBoxing24 minAdvancedMixedDillon SpicerMay 24, 2021
Real ThingBoxing18 minIntermediateHip HopDillon SpicerMay 23, 2021
PeachesDance15 minIntermediateMixedGarret CaillouetMay 22, 2021
Like A HurricaneBoxing26 minIntermediateMixedMary OnyangoMay 21, 2021
Me And My ArmyBoxing14 minIntermediatePopDillon SpicerMay 20, 2021
RevivalBoxing20 minBeginnerHip HopDillon SpicerMay 19, 2021
Raise My RageBoxing35 minAdvancedElectronicMary OnyangoMay 18, 2021
Countdown to ParadiseBoxing21 minBeginnerHip HopDillon SpicerMay 17, 2021
Shift UpBoxing20 minBeginnerMixedDillon SpicerMay 16, 2021
Born For ThisBoxing20 minIntermediateRockDillon SpicerMay 15, 2021
Above and BeyondBoxing27 minExpertElectronicMary OnyangoMay 14, 2021
Whatever You WantDance17 minIntermediateMixedIanthe MellorsMay 13, 2021
Lesson LearnedBoxing14 minBeginnerPopDillon SpicerMay 12, 2021
Is This LoveBoxing21 minIntermediatePopDillon SpicerMay 11, 2021
Get Em UpBoxing21 minIntermediateHip HopMary OnyangoMay 10, 2021
Release The BeastBoxing30 minIntermediateMixedIanthe MellorsMay 09, 2021
Miney MoBoxing15 minBeginnerPopCaroline BraggMay 08, 2021
We Came To WinBoxing20 minAdvancedMixedIanthe MellorsMay 07, 2021
Main EventDance15 minIntermediatePopFrida PerssonMay 06, 2021
Space OutBoxing17 minBeginnerPopCaroline BraggMay 05, 2021
To Better TimesBoxing20 minAdvancedMixedDillon SpicerMay 04, 2021
ImmortalBoxing24 minIntermediateHip HopDillon SpicerMay 03, 2021
Losing My CoolBoxing20 minAdvancedMixedDillon SpicerMay 02, 2021
Go OnBoxing20 minBeginnerElectronicDillon SpicerMay 01, 2021
Bring the HeatDance15 minIntermediateMixedKarma StylzApril 30, 2021
Never Looking BackBoxing25 minIntermediateElectronicIanthe MellorsApril 29, 2021
This FeelingBoxing20 minBeginnerMixedDillon SpicerApril 28, 2021
ContinuumBoxing20 minAdvancedMixedMary OnyangoApril 27, 2021
AuroraBoxing20 minIntermediateHip HopDillon SpicerApril 26, 2021
Another LevelBoxing16 minBeginnerPopIanthe MellorsApril 25, 2021
ActivatedBoxing16 minIntermediatePopIanthe MellorsApril 24, 2021
Larger Than LifeBoxing14 minBeginnerElectronicCaroline BraggApril 23, 2021
Bounce OffBoxing21 minAdvancedMixedAngel Aulet
BounceBoxing15 minBeginnerHip HopCaroline Bragg
That's My ThangDance16 minIntermediateMixedSarah Burke
Pumped UpBoxing30 minIntermediateMixedDillon Spicer
SwagBoxing15 minBeginnerPopDillon Spicer
Game ChangerBoxing13 minAdvancedMixedIanthe Mellors
Best ThingDance17 minIntermediateMixedGarret Caillouet
Feel About ItBoxing16 minIntermediatePopMary Onyango
KokarachaDance17 minBeginnerMixedKarma Stylz
BadBoxing14 minAdvancedRockIanthe Mellors
WildDance15 minBeginnerPopIanthe Mellors
Stormy WeatherDance18 minBeginnerPopGarret Caillouet
SweatBoxing15 minExpertMixedDillon Spicer
Comma Get ItBoxing15 minAdvancedElectronicIanthe Mellors
Lasers And StuffBoxing11 minAdvancedRockMary Onyango
ParachuteDance17 minBeginnerPopIanthe Mellors
Shot AwayDance6 minBeginnerMixedIanthe Mellors
One GrooveDance3 minBeginnerMixedIanthe Mellors
IDKDance6 minBeginnerElectronicSarah Burke
With MeDance3 minIntermediateMixedKarma Stylz
Shakin ItDance10 minIntermediateHip HopFrida Persson
Be With YouDance7 minBeginnerHip HopGarret Caillouet
Feel So GoodDance7 minBeginnerMixedIanthe Mellors
You And IDance3 minIntermediatePopIanthe Mellors
Dance It UpDance3 minAdvancedElectronicFrida Persson
Piece Of MeDance6 minBeginnerMixedKarma Stylz
Our PartyDance4 minAdvancedPopGarret Caillouet
INCRDBLDance15 minIntermediateHip HopSarah Burke
We're DynamiteDance9 minIntermediateMixedKarma Stylz
Metal 137Boxing10 minIntermediateMetalIanthe Mellors
Are You SeriousBoxing11 minIntermediateElectronicIanthe Mellors
Chasing FireBoxing9 minBeginnerMixedIanthe Mellors
ReputationBoxing15 minIntermediatePopMary Onyango
Red LightsBoxing8 minBeginnerElectronicIanthe Mellors
IncredibleBoxing10 minIntermediateElectronicIanthe Mellors
Everything You NeedBoxing16 minIntermediateRockAngel Aulet
Second ChancesBoxing16 minIntermediatePopDillon Spicer
Work HardBoxing15 minIntermediateHip HopIanthe Mellors
Ready For The FireBoxing17 minAdvancedRockCaroline Bragg
We RunBoxing11 minIntermediateRockCaroline Bragg
ParanormalBoxing10 minAdvancedMetalIanthe Mellors
Make It So GoodBoxing3 minAdvancedPopIanthe Mellors
Run It UpBoxing10 minBeginnerHip HopIanthe Mellors
On Top Of The WorldBoxing20 minAdvancedHip HopCaroline Bragg
On The ClockBoxing3 minBeginnerMixedIanthe Mellors
Up and TryBoxing16 minIntermediateMixedIanthe Mellors
Even The ScoreBoxing10 minBeginnerRockIanthe Mellors
Aceller8Boxing9 minIntermediateRockIanthe Mellors
Cold As IceBoxing15 minIntermediatePopIanthe Mellors
C'est La VieBoxing11 minBeginnerPopIanthe Mellors
Depending On You (COTD)Boxing10 minBeginnerMixedIanthe Mellors
All NightBoxing11 minAdvancedPopCaroline Bragg
The WinnerBoxing3 minIntermediateElectronicIanthe Mellors
ElevateBoxing10 minIntermediateElectronicCaroline Bragg
Made For ThisBoxing15 minAdvancedRockIanthe Mellors
That New ThingBoxing11 minAdvancedRockIanthe Mellors
Move YourselfBoxing25 minIntermediateRockDillon Spicer
HyperdriveBoxing10 minIntermediateRockAngel Aulet
Shout It OutBoxing16 minIntermediateRockAngel Aulet
Catch Me If You CanBoxing16 minIntermediateMixedIanthe Mellors
WickedBoxing15 minIntermediateMixedIanthe Mellors
Heard The StarsBoxing15 minIntermediateElectronicIanthe Mellors
Extreme Pack Warm UpBoxing3 minIntermediateHip HopIanthe Mellors
Run AwayBoxing18 minAdvancedElectronicMary Onyango
DynamiteBoxing21 minAdvancedElectronicIanthe Mellors
UnspokenBoxing16 minAdvancedRockAngel Aulet
Alright Come OnBoxing20 minAdvancedRockAngel Aulet
Shine a LittleBoxing16 minAdvancedElectronicMary Onyango
Can't Get EnoughBoxing11 minIntermediateElectronicDillon Spicer
Like The MoviesBoxing14 minIntermediatePopDillon Spicer
Bring ItBoxing31 minIntermediateElectronicSamir Khan
Get On UpBoxing16 minIntermediateHip HopJodie Tie
Punch And SlideBoxing8 minIntermediateElectronicDaniel McCarroll
MovinBoxing16 minIntermediateMixedIanthe Mellors
SeventeenBoxing10 minIntermediateElectronicJodie Tie
Get With ItBoxing9 minIntermediateElectronicDaniel McCarroll
PathfinderBoxing10 minIntermediateElectronicSamir Khan
Break For ItBoxing31 minIntermediateMixedJono Selvadurai
Beat DropBoxing18 minAdvancedRockJono Selvadurai
Something Is DifferentBoxing58 minAdvancedMixedDaniel McCarroll
Good TimeBoxing15 minAdvancedMixedJono Selvadurai
MiamiBoxing15 minAdvancedPopLaura Johnson
KnockoutBoxing10 minBeginnerMixedSamir Khan
Take ItBoxing15 minIntermediateHip HopIanthe Mellors
To The TopBoxing31 minIntermediateMixedLaura Johnson
PrimeBoxing15 minIntermediateRockJono Selvadurai
Fire It UpBoxing61 minAdvancedElectronicDaniel McCarroll
ClockwiseBoxing16 minIntermediateHip HopDaniel McCarroll
Beginner 2Boxing3 minBeginnerElectronicJono Selvadurai
Always HopeBoxing29 minIntermediateElectronicCaroline Bragg
PrometheusBoxing16 minIntermediateElectronicJodie Tie
ThunderstruckBoxing8 minBeginnerRockIanthe Mellors
My TimeBoxing8 minBeginnerMixedJodie Tie
AliveBoxing45 minIntermediateHip HopJodie Tie
Can't Slow DownBoxing9 minIntermediateElectronicCaroline Bragg
BarricadeBoxing58 minAdvancedRockIanthe Mellors
Bucket Of SunshineBoxing26 minIntermediateElectronicLaura Johnson
ChampionBoxing30 minAdvancedHip HopIanthe Mellors
Fate FillerBoxing44 minIntermediateElectronicSamir Khan
Electric ZoneBoxing9 minBeginnerElectronicSamir Khan
Beginner 1Boxing2 minBeginnerElectronicIanthe Mellors
Alien ApesBoxing45 minAdvancedRockIanthe Mellors
VictoriousBoxing60 minAdvancedHip HopJodie Tie
ReachBoxing31 minIntermediateMixedDaniel McCarroll
Ctrl Alt DeleteBoxing26 minIntermediateHip HopIanthe Mellors
All Eyes On MeBoxing45 minIntermediatePopCaroline Bragg
DowntownBoxing46 minAdvancedMixedJodie Tie
Cold FlowBoxing11 minAdvancedHip HopJodie Tie
Beginner 3Boxing3 minBeginnerElectronicCaroline Bragg
Let's WorkBoxing14 minIntermediatePopCaroline Bragg
Fake FriendsBoxing57 minAdvancedElectronicSamir Khan
Roller SkatesBoxing17 minAdvancedPopCaroline Bragg
WolfpackBoxing30 minIntermediateRockIanthe Mellors
Funky DroidBoxing27 minIntermediateMixedJono Selvadurai
Get It DoneBoxing29 minIntermediateElectronicLaura Johnson

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