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Audica Tournament

Audica Tournament

I'm a HUGE fan of Audica and it's on sale today, so to promote it I'm putting together a couple small tournaments, one for Standard difficulty and one for Expert difficulty. I'll be gifting $5 gift certificates to the winners. Please see the rules below.
  • The tournaments are limited to the first 40 confirmed participants (20 for each difficulty).
  • The tournaments have been postponed. Once rescheduled, they will be starting no later than 10:00am Pacific Standard Time assuming there are at least 5 confirmed participants in each, otherwise the tournaments will be postponed daily until the minimum is reached. Please send me a message on Facebook or register for this forum and post here if you are interested.
  • Participants will need to friend request "steveddr" and remain friends through the end of the tournament. I'll need to see your spot on the Leaderboards to confirm eligibility and top score. Placement on the Leaderboard should also eliminate scores from modded versions. I will post confirmed participants on my forum post as I confirm them.
  • Participants can only enter Standard OR Expert. I will be checking leaderboards to confirm eligibility for the Standard tournament. If you have really good Advanced or Expert scores, you will only be able to enter the Expert tournament. Please post here, on my public forum, or send me a private message to specify what difficulty you wish to enter. I will reply back as well as post confirmed entries on my public forum.
  • The songs will be selected by me and posted before the start of the tournament. The selection will be based on existing scores, hopefully I will be able to find songs that don't already have high scores among the participants. I will be posting the score you'll need to beat to have a chance of winning when I post the songs.
  • The winners will be the participants with the top scores by the end of the day of the tournament, 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time.
  • Winners will need to provide me an email address for the gift certificate. You'll be able to choose from any major store/service that allows for amounts as low as $5. (By major, I mean pretty much anything I can confirm is reputable)
  • Final results will be posted on my public forum.
  • Rules are subject to change in case I realize there's something I missed.
Note: If you register for my forum, please make sure you check your Spam/Junk folder if the verification email does not appear in your Inbox.

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