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Audica Review

Audica is a rhythm based shooting game with a starting library of 33 songs. An additional 4 songs can be unlocked, although they are just longer versions of 4 of the original songs. There are also 29 songs that can be purchased individually or as a complete set. Song selection is pretty good compared to many other rhythm games including Beat Saber, Synth Riders, and Audio Trip. Songs from major artists such as David Guetta and Iggy Azalea are included in the starting lineup with tracks from Maroon 5, Lizzo, and more available for purchase. Finally, a HUGE library of user-mapped songs can be downloaded and added to the game through a simple file transfer process.

Gameplay can best be described as a slightly more complicated version of Beat Saber with guns. Left/Right specific targets shoot across the screen and occasional drones will fly towards you. Higher difficulties offer additional target types which may require holding down the trigger, following a path, or holding the gun(s) vertically or horizontally (gangsta shots).

Most of the songs have EXCELLENT mapping (the pattern of targets) which adds to the immersive experience and make you FEEL like you're part of the music.

A campaign level is also available which offers some unique challenges such as moving the guns as much/little as possible, playing songs at faster speeds, and hitting targets without looking (at the time of the shot).

Although not often mentioned as one of the top games available, it's personally my favorite game with Beat Saber, Synth Riders, and Audio Trip being my next favorites in that order. Obviously, I'm partial to rhythm games.

Here's a link to gameplay on my Facebook page:

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