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FitXR is one of the most popular and effective exercise apps on the Oculus Quest. The bulk of the apps consists of boxercise class sessions of varying length and difficulty set to a variety of music and led by a handful of trainers. Newer class options include cardio "dance" classes (although some of those would more be correctly identified as aerobic warm-ups). Limited multiplayer sessions were recently introduced and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions are currently under development and planned for release soon. The app recently changed from a paid app to a free 7 day trial app followed by a monthly subscription fee of $10. (People who previous purchased the app currently have a 90 day free trial)

With the release of the subscription model, the FitXR team made the highly unusual and unpopular decision of removing song filtering as an option. This change, along with the unannounced change to the subscription model and a number of small bugs, prompted a number of angry reviews which significantly impacted the overall rating in the Oculus store. Filtering is back, although a bit hidden under the search feature, and most of the bugs have been fixed. Overall, the app is better now than it used to be when it was rated much higher and is an excellent app for most people, but unfortunately some of the backlash from the way the changes were released can't be undone. Nevertheless, I highly recommend FitXR as one of the top VR fitness apps.

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Oculus Store Reviews 3.2/5
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FitXR Class List
List of workout courses with filtering by length, music style, intensity, and instructor

Last updated: May 24, 2021
More to come...

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