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Orphan Strategy | Specific Layouts

Once unlocked*, orphans are the most tempting targets in In Death Unchained, they score lots of points and often drop valuable health, armor, or arrows. They are also the among the most challenging aspects of the game. They can spot you from a mile away and will be long gone before many players can ever reach them. Even if you do get close, they have high health, run fast, teleport frequently, and attempt to lead players into enemy mobs. Spend too much time evading enemies and they will often escape, leaving players with a battered body and pride, if they even survive. However, by understanding their behavior, you can rescue most orphans you run across. My personal record is 44 orphans in a single afterlife. That run took me to Anakim 10, included every pit except the one in Purgatory 9, and I saved all but one orphan. With this guide and some practice, you can save most orphans you run across, too!
*Visit the Achievements section for all of the unlock conditions.


Most first encounters with an orphan start with the sound of distant childish laughing in the background which eventually leads to a swooshing sound before the laughter disappears. In those cases, the orphan has spotted you and ascended before you even knew what happened. Those that do spot the orphan will often only see them for a few moments before seeing them rise into the sky. New players will see that a lot, as they'll be unable to save the orphan from a distance and unwilling to get close to an orphan surrounded by enemies. Those that do get close will find their arrows appear to do little damage while they quickly lead the player into the middle of large groups of enemies where they escape while the players attempts to survive.

Basic Orphan Behavior

Best Arrows to Rescue Orphans

Rescue Techniques

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