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This is an abbreviated FAQ. For a full FAQ, please visit: https://ohshapevr.com/frequently_asked_questions/

How do I make my own custom songs?
Visit the official FAQ linked above for the level editor download link and links to tutorial videos.

How do I install custom songs?
Connect your Quest to a PC via USB. Allow data. Then drag and drop the .yml and .ogg files into the following directory [root]/OhShape/Songs

Do I have to dodge orange walls with my whole body?
No, your life bar is damaged and multipler is only lowered if your head or hands hit the orange walls.

How do I maximize my score?
Increasing speed and accuracy settings will increase your scoring potential while lowering them will decrease it. However, lower speed and accuracy requirements can help your score if you can maintain longer streaks without making mistakes since you'll score more points with multiplyer bonuses. Punching the walls quickly also increases your score.

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