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OhShape is a fun fitness game using body positioning and has built-in support for custom songs. Gameplay resembles the 2008 television game show, Hole in the Wall, which was based on the Japanese game show, Nokabe. The game has a large assortment of songs, although most of the original ones are not songs that most people would recognize. There is also an Electro pack DLC available which is an excellent value for just under $4. Most importantly, the game offers custom song support and there are a large number of fun, popular songs available. Difficulty ramps up quickly at the higher levels, but no fail modes are available for players to practice until they get better.

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Oculus Store Reviews 4.1/5
VRFitness Review 8/10
6DOF Review 8/10

June 2021 Challenge with Mini Motor Racing X

OhShape is holding a monthly challenge with different prizes and a big prize at the end of the year for 2021. For June 2021, they are offering three copies of Mini Motor Racing X. Click the link above for more information.

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