In Death Unchained

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Paradise Lost Guardian: Gabriel the Fallen

Gabriel the Fallen Gabriel the Fallen is a tall, battle-worn angel with feathered wings and a long, flaming sword. He protects the portal between Paradise Lost and The Abyss. The fight with Gabriel takes place on a small number of floating islands adorned with thin, concrete ruins. He has a varied mix of both close and long-range attacks and can cover distance quickly while in flight. Cycle 1 Gabriel has 9000 health.

Gabriel the Fallen's Attacks

Falling Sword Falling Sword/Resurrection
When over solid ground, Gabriel will invert his sword, then bring it down in a powerful explosion that also consecrates the arena and allows for Resurrection, a summon attack which will call forth two cupids and usually a banshee.
Guiding Lights Guiding Lights
While flying from a distance, Gabriel will call forth four damaging light bursts and launch the attack with his wings. The lights are capable of making sharp turns and track very accurately. They approach in a spiral pattern making them difficult to block.
Heaven's Descent Heaven's Descent
While flying from a distance, Gabriel will dive into a swooping attack, swinging his blade in wide arc with a very long reach.
Trinity Slash Trinity Slash
While close, Gabriel will perform two horizonal slashes of his sword followed by an overhead slash.
Retreating Blade Retreating Blade
While close, Gabriel will suddenly fly back with a horizonatal slash of his sword.

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