In Death Unchained

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Lord of The Abyss: Asmodeus The Destroyer

Asmodeus The Destroyer Asmodeus The Destroyer is a gigantic horned demon residing in an enormous, lava-filled chamber that contains the portal between The Abyss and Purgatory. Asmodeus will emerge from the lava when you reach the center of the chamber and remain stationary throught the battle. Islands will rise around Asmodeus as the battle progresses. Cycle 1 Asmodeus has 4000 health, 1000 health per horn.

Asmodeus The Destroyer's Attacks

Death Rock Death Rock
Asmodeus will grab a large unblockable boulder from the lava and hurl it at the player. These rocks can also damage or kill other enemies.
Insanity Skulls Insanity Skulls
When any of Asmodeus' boils are destroyed, three guided skulls will emerge and attempt to explode next to the player.
Burn in Hell/Rise from the Dead Burn in Hell/Rise from the Dead
After taking set amounts of damage, Asmodoeus will raise the volume of lava in the entire chamber, engulging lower platforms in an attempt to incinerate you. While the lava is rising, he will also raise various combinations of abominations, monks, cupids, and incubi. The final set of cupids will spawn infinitely until Asmodeus is defeated.
Tormenting Skull Tormenting Skull
Asmodeus will use both hands to manifest a large horned skull which will slowly float towards the player and explode.

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