In Death Unchained

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Purgatory Boss: Anakim the Abominable

Anakim the Abominable

Anakim the Abominable is a large, lumbering monstrosity who serves as the guardian of the portal between Purgatory and Paradise Lost. The battle against Anakim takes place in an large, enclosed rectangular room littered with pillars and a smaller rectangular alcove. Anakim will descend down a small set of stairs from a platform at the far end of the main room. He is surrounded by life-draining aura that causes damage if you allow him to get too close. Cycle 1 Anakim has 7430 health.

Anakim the Abominable's Attacks

Anakim Friend Anakim Friend
Anakim will summon an unlimited number of abominations throughout the battle. Starting at cycle 3, he will also start summoning a knight, with one additional knight per cycle up to a maximum of 5 knights. He will also summon monks as he takes damage throughout the battle. The first two monks will appear once he's taken 1% damage. Three monks will appear at 24% damage, four monks at 44% damage, five monks at 65% damage, and six monks at 83% damage.
Anakim Crush Anakim Crush
Anakim will raise both arms above his head and slam both fists down with a crushing blow that does triple damage if it connects.

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